Diverse Artist Features

Celebrating artists of all backgrounds

When you think about artists and composers, chances are you remember the names of a few famous men. Because women and people of color didn't have the same access to education, careers, and professional support for centuries, much of their work has been overlooked, lost, or forgotten. Many would argue that they still don't have the same accessibility today.

However, that doesn't mean that women and artists of color have never existed or that their work is less significant. The truth is, we're just learning more about them now than ever before!

It also doesn't mean that the contributions of famous men are bad. Their works are integral to a meaningful study of art and music history.

Here at Smartsbox, we strive to strike an important balance in our curriculum: introducing students to famous artists they're bound to encounter in their studies, while including lesser-known artists that need to be recognized for their important contributions. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of art historians who look beyond tradition to recognize, honor, and celebrate creative people of all backgrounds! 

Artists we're excited to feature include: