Our Story

Hi there, Smartsypants!

I've trained as a classical pianist for almost three decades, but I didn't love classical music right from the start.

In fact, it wasn't until I started practicing listening to music – that's right, I had to practice listening! – that I began to discover the absolute creative wonder of the classical world. 

I went on to receive academic degrees in Music, the Humanities, and Arts Administration. As a graduate student in London, I researched arts accessibility and studied ways to make classical art traditions easier – and more fun! – to learn. 

And now? My days are filled teaching music and telling stories to my darling young students. I love introducing them to the intrigue, drama, and magic of classical art and music... and I wanted to design a program that shared this exciting learning process with families across the country. 

I've designed Smartsbox to include all the tools I use as an educator. Ever wondered why the Mona Lisa is so famous? Or why Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 is important? What even is a symphony, anyway? Smartsbox teaches students how to recognize important works... and to understand why they matter. 

Helping me bring the Smartsbox vision to life is an amazing team of graphic designers and illustrators. Amanda Smith, our artist-in-charge, has worked professionally as a product and kids' craft designer. She's responsible for all of Smartsbox's art projects and activities. 

I hope you enjoy the Smartsbox curriculum as much as I enjoy creating it!

Stay smartsy, 

Aly | Smartsbox Founder + CEO 

Smartsbox is based out of Heber City, UT and was founded in 2020. 


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