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An interactive art & music history

curriculum for kids ages 8+


Hands-on learning, delivered to you.

Smartsbox introduces children to important composers and artists from around the world. Engaging activities, stories, and projects bring their lives and their work to life.


Everything you need to get smartsy.

Every Smartsbox unit includes an educational magazine, three original art projects, and kid-friendly art supplies.


The perfect educational tool for:

Homeschool students looking for an engaging, at-home curriculum.

Smartsy kids who don’t get enough art and music at school.

Young musicians and artists looking to enhance their studies

Smartsbox At Home Semester

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  • Order up to 4 semesters at once!
    Complete in chronological order. 

    Created by a top-notch team of educators and illustrators, this curriculum introduces young students to the imaginative, dramatic, and inspiring world of Western classical art and music. Designed for ages 8+. 

    Take a peek at the first four units of our curriculum. 

    Why you'll love it: 

    • Essential concepts: This curriculum covers 2,000+ years of art history, empowering students with the basic tools they need to recognize and enjoy important classical works. 
    • High-quality reading: Our professionally illustrated magazines make for lasting keepsakes. Engaging stories, activities, and beautiful imagery introduce students to important creators and their works. 
    • Diverse artist features: Every magazine highlights women and/or people of color who have contributed to the development of Western art history.

  • Built Chronologically: Our Essentials line starts in ancient Greece and wraps up in the 20th century. As students move through the curriculum, they collect stickers to add to their own Timeline Poster. 

    Fully-Stocked: Each box comes with the materials and instruction guides for three educational art projects. Designed by our team of artists, these art projects bring the concepts and styles of each time period to life. 

    Engaging from Hand-to-Ear: In addition to drawing activities, all magazines also include guided F.A.L.T (Focus and Listen Time) Exercises. This engaging strategy helps students hone in on their classical music listening skills. 

  • This curriculum is designed to be completed in chronological order. Order up to four semesters in advance, or try one and continue your lessons later on! Each semester is self-guided, so you can work as quickly as you'd like... but plan to spend 8+ weeks on each one. 

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