Smartsbox: The Basics

How often is Smartsbox delivered? 

Smartsbox is shipped every other month, giving you plenty of time to complete the extensive projects, activities, and reading included inside. This means you'll get 6 boxes per year. 

What is included in each box? 

Every box includes a professionally illustrated, perfect-bound magazine, as well as the supplies and instructions for three art projects. All boxes include a sticker that students can add to their timeline poster (included in the first box). 

Is there a way for siblings to share a box? 

Yes! You can add our extra supply pack to your order. We'll make sure you get extra materials and one magazine per lesson. Click here to learn more!

What is inside your magazines? 

Each Essentials magazine focuses on specific time periods in Western art history. The magazines include 40+ pages of content and introduce students to prominent artists, composers, and other important figures from those time periods.

Every artist feature includes information about why they are famous, fun facts, and thoughtful analyses of their most important works.

Smartsbox is all about FUN, so while we aim to be highly educational, our content focuses on storytelling, guided listening activities, drawing exercises, and more. 

What age range is Smartsbox designed for? 

Smartsbox is designed with ages 8-14 in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't be younger (or older!) to enjoy it. Younger, more advanced readers may find that the content is easy to understand, though parents may need to offer an extra hand with the art projects.

PS - Feeling left out at dinner parties? Even adults can enjoy our curriculum's no-stress, beginner-friendly introduction to the arts! 

How do students complete the listening activities? 

Every magazine includes Focus and Listen Time activities. Students can find the magazine's corresponding webpage listed on the inside cover of each magazine. There, they will be able to access curated music playlists that accompany each activity.  

Do your art projects come with instructions?

Yes! Every project has a detailed instruction guide. For extra help, students can scan the QR code on each guide with any smartphone's camera app; this will open a video instruction guide that they can watch while they create.  

Are your art materials kid-friendly?

We work very hard to certify that all our products are non-toxic and comply with ASTM D4236 labeling practices. We source most of our products from manufacturers here in the U.S. All boxes come with a product tracking label that disclose where and when each product was made. When any material requires extra safety precautions (e.g. wearing a mask while mixing powders), we'll be sure to let you know! 

Subscriptions and Pre-Orders

How do subscriptions work? 

Our subscription plan delivers Smartsbox every other month for a total of 6 boxes per year. This plan is flexible and allows you to cancel at no charge. 

How can I see my current orders? 

You can view the status of your order(s) by creating an account on our website. Make sure to use the same email used when ordering from Smartsbox!  

How do I cancel my subscription? 

If you're ready to cancel your subscription, you can modify your subscription via your account OR you may email your cancellation request to We will cancel your order within 24 hours. 

Please note that if you request to cancel AFTER your next box's order has gone through, we will defer your cancellation to the following box. 


Is shipping included? 

Yes! The cost of each box includes shipping. 

Can I sign up for Smartsbox if I live outside the U.S.? 

Not yet, sadly! Smartsbox is currently only available in the U.S.