Essentials Curriculum

The Smartsbox Essentials line includes 12 boxes covering 2,000+ years of Western art and music, including: 

—YEAR 1—
1. Ancient Art: featuring Ancient Greek, Roman, and Medieval art
2. Renaissance: featuring da Vinci, Michelangelo, and more 
3. Baroque Period: featuring Rembrandt, Bach, Vivaldi, and more 
4. Neoclassicism: featuring Vigée le Brun, Mozart, Beethoven, and more
5. Romanticism: featuring JMW Turner, Chopin, and more
6. Impressionism: featuring Monet, Cassatt, Debussy, and more

—YEAR 2—
7. Post-Impressionism: featuring Van Gogh, Cézanne, Ravel and more 
8. Modernism: featuring Kandinsky, Rivera, Stravinsky, and more
9. Expressionism and Art Nouveau: featuring Klimt, Schoenberg and more
10. Surrealism: featuring Picasso, Kahlo, Satie, and more
11. American Modernism: including O'Keefe, Gershwin, and more
12. 20th Century Art: including Rothko, Pollack, Cage, and more