Focus and Listen Time: L'Eventail de Jeanne

L'eventail de Jeanne, or "Jeanne's Fan," is named after Madame Jeanne Dubost. Jeanne was a busy woman! She hosted fancy parties and invited artists, politicians, musicians, and other interesting people to attend. She also ran a ballet school. 

A group of musicians, including some names you know like Maurice Ravel and Jacques Ibert, decided to surprise Madame Dubost with music for her ballet students. They each wrote a small piece of music and combined them together. They wanted the music to unfold piece by piece, kind of like opening a fan: 

Image of music for L'Eventail de Jeanne

Here are a few selections you can listen to while you create your comic! 

1. Valse by Jacques Ibert

2. Polka by Darius Milhaud 

3. Pastourelle by Francis Poulenc 


4. Rondeau by Georges Auric