Let's Learn How to Conduct Classical Music

Join a professional conductor as you conduct three different sections from Beethoven's most famous symphonies. 

What is the conductor's job? Let's find out! 

Here are some of the important words you learned in this video:

Now let's learn how to hold a conductor's baton!


Time to get professional and practice conducting real beat patterns. 

If you want extra help, reference the conducting pattern guide in your Neoclassical Magazine.  

Ready to put your skills to the test? Let's conduct some music together! 

For more information about Beethoven's symphonies, make sure you reference the FALT activity in your Neoclassical magazine. 

First up: Beethoven's famous Symphony Number Five. 

Are you ready to conduct more music?

This conducting example comes from another one of Beethoven's most famous symphonies. It has many subito, or sudden, changes from loud to soft. Can you conduct them all?

Let's wrap up with our last example. 

You've probably heard the "Ode to Joy" before. It's one of Beethoven's most famous works, and it comes from his Symphony No. 9. See if you can follow along and conduct this well-known (and beautiful!) melody. 


Interested in more conducting?

Click the names below to watch these famous conductors: