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The Kiss is one of Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings. This famous Austrian artist is best known for his use of gold, but his true talent shines in his love for color, geometric shapes, and intricate details. 

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Fun Ways to Use This Coloring Page
  • Compare The Kiss with ancient Byzantine mosaics. Do you notice how both paintings use shimmery gold accents? Klimt was inspired by this ancient style. Be sure to check out the Byzantine example in your first Smartsbox magazine! 
  • Add glue and glitter before coloring. We recommend printing on card stock for this! If you already have your Ancient Art Smartsbox, you can use the leftover glue and glitter. 
  • Carefully choose your colors. Study The Kiss before coloring and try to find crayons or colored pencils that match the colors and shades in the painting. Can you create a similar color palette? 

 All About Klimt The Kiss

Questions to Ask When Looking at Klimt's Paintings

  • Look at the unique shapes and patterns of this painting, then close your eyes. Which shapes do you remember the most? 
  • If this painting were a piece of music, what would it sound like? 
  • Klimt was inspired by flowing lines in nature. Which element of nature do you think influenced this painting? 
  • Do you think this painting is beautiful? Why or why not? 

Fun Facts About The Kiss

  • You can see this painting in the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, Austria. Klimt lived and worked in Vienna, and was part of an important artistic revolution called The Secessionist Movement. 

  • The Kiss may have been inspired by the ancient Greek myth about Orpheus, a musician who travels to the underworld to find his dead wife, Eurydice. 

  • The painting is 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide! It was completed in 1908.

  • The Kiss was the last painting completed during Klimt's "Golden Phase." During this time period, Klimt painted several artworks decorated with real gold leaf. Compare it to one of his other famous paintings, a portrait of a Viennese woman, below: 

Adele Bloch-Bauer I Klimt

“Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” 1907 (Photo: Neue Galerie via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain)